Why Heidermass?

perfect fit for all shoesizes
quick and easy handling 
can also be used as an advertising medium
various size specifications

Facts and

from 18 to 47 and from 2 to 12

34 cm / 100 g


Basic colour:

Slider colour:

Special individual designs:
Of course we are ready to ship the items in any colour of your choice instead of the standard colour yellow. In addition, if you like, we can print your logo on every item. The logo print will be placed on the right side next tot he scale. At this place it is possible to apply your logo as large as possible to optimise your advertising effect. These colour- as well as advertising variants can be realised for an order of not less than 500 pieces.

You can coose between a loose packaging and a single piece packaging inside a grey cardboard box.


Zentralverband Europäischer Lederhändler eG
Porschestr. 14
D-44809 Bochum
T +49 234 3381 0
F +49 234 3381 203
Mail: heidermass@zel.eu



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Who is Heider?

The HEIDERMASS was invented by Heinrich-Wilhelm Schröder 
the founder of our company in the year 1956 and has been applied for a patent.

At the international Invent-Fair in Brussels the HEIDERMASS has received a bronze medal.

Since that time we are shipping the HEIDERMASS into the whole world.